Monday, 15 November 2010

Game Center CX 4.0

I have just finished watching the fourth 'Game Center CX' DVD (see previous post) and must say it was my favourite yet. Arino only plays one game throughout the program (apart from his visits to obscure game centers) which is 'Mighty Bomb Jack'. I have fond memories of playing 'Bomb Jack' in the arcades as a youngster but have never seen the Famicom version which expands on the arcade machine (I seem to remember the original only having single static screens, this version includes many scrolling levels).

Playing through this game seemed to be one of Arino's greatest challenges yet, taking a number of days play in his first attempts. After failing to complete the game the first time round, the challenge is continued on another date in front of a live audience! (normally it takes place in a small office). Its quite a spectacle to see a large crowd in a theater watching someone play an old video game but it just shows how popular Arino is amongst retro gaming fans and was quite compelling watching!

 Arino plays live, Must be nerve-racking!

I won't spoil things by telling the result of the challenge but the edge of my seat needs re-patching!

The other section on the DVD I enjoyed was where Arino visits old video arcades, this time visiting a store run by an old lady who has two machines sitting outside. She seemed very amused by Arino's interest and ends up playing a round of Metal Slug with him!

They should know better at their age!

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