Monday, 29 November 2010

Burger Time

I will now try to restrain my English tendencies towards innuendo when I say, there is nothing more humiliating than being attacked from all angles by rampant sausages. I am in fact referring to the game Burger Time for the Famicom where being attacked by angry sausages and fried eggs is a common occurrence.

I'm sure trampling on burgers is a health and safety issue.

You play a chef who's goal is to build giant burgers by running across platforms and trampling on various ingredients (e.g. lettuce, beefburgers, slices of cheese etc.); causing them to drop down to the next platform. Once all burgers have been constructed its on to the next level and more complex platfrom structures. This would be simple if it was not for the forementioned angry breakfast baddies that seem to have a chip on their shoulder (or possibly a french fry) about your endeavors and constantly give chase. Luckily, you have a weapon in the form of a pepper spray that temporarily stuns your enemies and if you time it right, and cause an ingredient to drop from beneath them, they will be defeated entirely (but only to be re-spawned later).

I remember playing the original Burger Time arcade game at a swimming pool in Kingston as a young lad and thinking it was hard back then, but playing it now I realise that it wasn't just my childish inexperience that was at fault, it is a damn hard and frustrating game! The enemies zoom around the platforms and your pepper spray is limited so it makes completing your burgers a real challenge, I only ever managed to get to screen three after much tearing of hair (at my age you need to hold on to what you still have!)

But overall, its a fun nostalgic game and exactly the sort of old school quirky game that I enjoy, its crappy graphics and all!

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